Terms of use


OLIOTECA.com only deals with adult users. Surfing and use of the services offered inside the site can be used only after signin up. Registration is free. The users who sign up will have to give some personal data and follow all the steps of the registration procedure (from now on until also "Registration Complete"). At the "Registratin Complete" time the user'll be asked to choose an username and a password, which will never be given neither temporarily to third parties and will be kept with the right care, diligence, secrecy and responsibility, as these data are the unique means to identify the user and convalidate his accesses to the offers. The users is informed that all he makes using such data, will be attributed and will be bound to him. The user has to inform OLIOTECA about every not allowed use of his access data i.e. report eventual violations committed by third parties. If OLIOTECA spots violations it'll be able disable the access, erase the present data once and for all i.e. deny the creation of new accounts by the same user. In every moment the user will be able to update and/or edit or ask the erasure of the data given during the registration. In case he asked for erasure by the way OLIOTECA will be able to keep temporarily, in part or totally, these data, just to finish the previous commissions and/or finish the financial procedures. "Registration Complete" is necessary to purchase products and to have access to the info recap about user's activities on the site (also "Account"). Besides is allowed a Partial Registration (from now on also "Partial Registration"), just entering user's email address. Partial Registration allows the user to receive newsletter, but doesn't allow to purchase products, or make other operations.


The following general contract conditions (from now on also "General Conditions") rule the offer by MFF Marche Fauna Factory (from now on also "OLIOTECA") of products on www.olioteca.com (from now on also "Site"). The General Conditions will have to be accepted by the user at the moment of the registration, in order to enjoy the offers and purchase the products. Only MFF Marche Fauna Factory has the right to modify in part or totally the General Conditions, notifying the user by using the Site. So the users have to consult this page periodically, in order to be always informed about the conditions. It's obvious that an use of the site after the modifications means a silent acceptance of those ones.


Once he's aware of the conditions, the user will be able to finish the purchase following the procedure described in the site. Before completing the purchase the user will se a recap in which there will be indicated the cost of the product and the total price, in case he bought several pieces of the same product or different products. Shipping price are calculated according to the weight and may change according to the shipping address. In some cases, shipping prices are included in the selling price. Once the purchase is complete, the user will have to proceed to payment, that will be made to OLIOTECA, both in case of Drop Shipping and in case of Indirect Shipping. In csae of Indirect Sell OLIOTECA will receive the payment on behalf of the partner, so always remainig stranger to the relationship between the partner and the user. The user will receive a confirmation email containing the info about the bought offer after the payment will show succed. Besides the email will contain a reference of the actual General Conditions. The confirmation will contain a recap of the shipping address and the note that says that the user will receive an other email once the commission will be sent out of  OLIOTECA.com. The shipping occurs in the times indicated in the offer. In case of time offers, the good will may be sent to the user after the offer expires. If the user doesn't receive confirmation email, the purchase won't be able to be considered finished. In this case, if the amount of the failed purchase had to be charged to the user by accident, the user himself will have to warn suddenly OLIOTECA, sending an email to info@olioteca.com, in order to allow OLIOTECA to verify what happened and in case to refund. The accepted methods are: credit, with PayPal account and credit cards and prepaid card belonging to Visa, Mastercard, Postepay, Aura card, PayPal card (only with payment paper given by PayPal). The charge occurs, if it's not specified in the offer terms, at the moment of teh confirmation of teh payment. In case of Subscription the user allows OLIOTECA to charge the amount on the credit or prepaid card. Speaking of this, the user declares and guarantees the disposal of the amount necessary for the payment. In extraordinary cases, for high price commissions, it will be possible arrange the payment with OLIOTECA by credit which will have to occure within the agreed deadlines, over which it won't be possible guarantee the payment. If the user doesn't realize he gave wrong or incomplete info about his data or the shipping address of the good, it's necessary for him to tip off, and respecting the commission deadline, emailing info@olioteca.com. Anyway, the user is the only one to be responsible for providing the wrong or incomplete data or shipping address, with consequent loss of the amount paid if the good is given to strangers.


The site belongs to MFF Marche Fauna Factory, in Jesi (AN), Via Agraria 37, P.IVA 02147830422. The title "OLIOTECA" is a trade registered by MFF Marche Fauna Factory. The products contained are directly sold by OLIOTECA also in the form of drop shipping or by OLIOTECA market partners (from now on also "Partner"). If it's not mentioned or specified, the products are directly sold by OLIOTECA by default. Viceversa, in case of partner trade OLIOTECA offers a service of intermediation (from now on also "Indirect Trade") and operates in the name of the partner, remaining completely irrelevant to the relationship, and so to the trade contracts made between the user and the partner. The products can be sold both by permanent price list, and by promotions which have a disposal of products with an expiring time or quantity. The offer is regarded to every category of products included in the Site. After a transaction, OLIOTECA will give the Customer confirmation and data, in case of Indirect Trade or in case of drop shipping, of the eventual partner which will arrange for the shipping to be done.


Subject of OLIOTECA offer is the purchase of goods at the prices specified on the site. OLIOTECA has the right to don't consider commissions from different people to the "customer" according to its market policy. Anyway OLIOTECA doesn't sell alcoholics or other under-18 products. Sending the commission, the customer guarantees that both the commissioning person and, in case it's a different person, the recipient are over-18. The prices are expressed in Euro including VAT.Shipping costs are always indicated in the purchase phase, generally are proportional to the total weight and may change depending on the destination. In some cases, where indicated specifically, the shipping costs may be included in the price of some products. The images folowing the products of offers notes may not be perfectly true about its features, but may differ about color, size and optional products included in the pic. All the info to help the purchase are to be meant as simple informational material, and can't be referred to the real features of a single offer. The validity might suffer from quantity and temporal restrictions, which once expired, might not be available anymore. Expire date and/or the available quantity are shown on the site in order to allow the user to realize it. OLIOTECA will be able to edit anytime and as it wishes the last or the quantity of an offer, it being understood that it will ensue the commissions made during a certain offer. An offer might be advertised several times as a result of agreements with the partners or suppliers. In some cases is possible that the disposal of a good ends after the purchase: in these cases OLIOTECA, if the circumstances require it, will refund the user. It's possible that regarding some offers there's not a guaranteed a specific variation and the user will be asked to indicate one or more preferences during the purchase: in these cases the user is aware he might receive a different variation from the one he chose. In the case of promotional trades as specified above, the full price ("marked price") and the discount applied by OLIOTECA may be: (i) the catalog price; (ii) the results of the market surveys. The wasy to calculate the marked price change from product to product.


OLIOTECA is very careful to its users safety. OLIOTECA doesn't use and doesn't keep users' payment data (eg.: credit card numbers) used to make purchases, which are used by the related payment service suppliers. The actual payment occurs after the user is redirected to an encripted and protected page (PayPal Pro). Only after the transaction is over, the supplier tells OLIOTECA the result of the payment, without giving any info about the credit card. Because of this, OLIOTECA has no power on the eventual rejection. OLIOTECA won't be able to be considered responsible for direct or indirect consequences of the use of the credit card used by the user to make the payment.


The shipping happens within the terms indicated in the offer terms and, regarding timed offers, from when the offer ends and it's shown in the purchase confirmation. The user will be informed by e-mail once the product is shipped by OLIOTECA, both if it's Drop Shipping and Indirect Shipping, in this case once the partner tells OLIOTECA the shipping happened successfully. The user will be told, if available, the courier name and the tracking code, which can be used to be aware of the state of the shipping. These information, if available, will be visible in the user account too. OLIOTECA can't guarantee that several product purchased in the same time will be delivered in an only shipping, can't even guarantee that the eventual different shippings will arrive at the same time. The offers, in fact, can be related to products provided by different partners and/or they might not come from an only central warehouse. It's impossible defining an exact delivery date or time as this is up to the courier, the destination address and the person who has to deliver. OLIOTECA won't be able to be considered responsible for any direct or indirect consequences deriving from these times. The delivery is meant, unless specified, on the road. In case of bottle shipping, OLIOTECA uses patented packagings studied to guarantee the entirety of the good. Anyway, once the shipping starts, the user will have to verify that the packaging is intact, not damaged, or somehow changed, also about packaging materials (scotch-tape or iron hoop) or that does not present any liquid leakages. Eventual damages will have to be complained by the user suddenly, placing written control reserve (specifying the reason eg. "pierced package", "smashed package", etc.) on the delivery paper. Once signed, the user won't be able to make any other complaints about the shipped good. Eventual problems regarding the physical entirety, the conformity or the completeness will have to be signaled within 3 days from the delivery, emailing: info@olioteca.com or the eventual partner's e-mail address shown in the confirmation in the user account. In case of missing delivery within the indicated times, the usr will have to tell OLIOTECA, who will verify with the Partner and/or directly with the courier, the state of the shipping and the eventual anomaly. Following a shipping (eg. missing or smashed package), OLIOTECA will provide for a new shipping, in case of drop shipping, according to the disposal of the warehouse or the partner, without any other expenses, in other words, a complete refund of the commission in case of drop shipping or it will make the partner (directly or throught OLIOTECA) go on to the refund in case of Indirect Shipping.


OLIOTECA operates in good faith to choose partners and suppliers, verifing their effective suitability regarding suppliance according to the quantity and the features described in the offers, it being understood that OLIOTECA can't be considered responsible for damages to people deriving from eventual violations made by the producers. Anyway, OLIOTECA can't guarantee neither the completeness of the information given by the supplier or the partner nor the perfect conformity between what described in the product sheet or the offer with the delivered product, like the use legitimacy of images, videos and distinctive symbols by the suppliers or the partner. The user is aware that sometimes the images used in the proposes may just be approximate and they do not always represent faithfully the delivered product. In the case of Indirect Shipping, and so of products directly supplied by a partner, this person will be the only responsible of the compliance certificate. Eventual complaints will have to be sent to the partner by e-mail to the address reported in the purchase confirmation and for acknowledgement also to info@olioteca.com. The Partner will provide for setting the check, fixing up or substitution modes, in other words, it will allow OLIOTECA to refund the user.In case of Drop Shipping, OLIOTECA will be considered directly responsible for the compliance certificate. In case of not compliant products the user will contact OLIOTECA emailing: info@olioteca.com. In such cases OLIOTECA will provide for spotting a fixing up center to fix in escrow goods or will provide for the collection of the product and its subsequent fixing up or substitution in other words will refund re-crediting the bond used previously or will create a Voucher containing the same amount as the amount paid to buy the product. Anyway the legal warranty is reserved to the customers i.e. the people who made a purchase on OLIOTECA with different aims from the business, commercial, artisan or professional activity ran previously.


The user has the right to terminate the purchase contract concluded with OLIOTECA or with the Partner without any sanctions and any specified reasons, within 10 working days, from the day in which the product purchased on OLIOTECA.com has been received, emailing info@olioteca.com and, in case of Indirect Shipping, also emailing the Partner email address shown in the purchase confirmation page contained in the user account page, letting OLIOTECA know as well. The email will have to include the information of the product and the commission number. The shipping cost will be charged to the user according to all'art. 67 catch 3 del D. Lgs. 206/2005 ("Codice del Consumo"). The user will have to put on the package the document downloadable on his account, to track the rended.The user is adviced to put a copy of this document also into the package, in order to avoid loss or impossibility to identify the rended once in the warehouse. OLIOTECA o il Partner check the good to be in the same state as the one in which it was delivered i.e. that the product has not been chenged in its basic and qualitative features and keeps, as far as possible, its own original package and label. In case this was not available, the user will have to give the product back conveniently packed, in order to preserve entirety. OLIOTECA can reject a termination for foodstuff that have been consumed also if partially. - According to art. 55 del richiamato D. Lgs. 206/2005 tailor-made goods or, because of their nature, can't be sent back or are subject to fast changing or deterioration.


The eventual refunds made by OLIOTECA, if owed, will occur as fast as possible, and by the way not over 30 days from the refund day. The refund may be done directly on the bond used to pay (eg. credit card or PayPal account), or by credit, to the bank routing number emailed by the user to: info@olioteca.com.


OLIOTECA won't be considered responsible for the damages caused by the use of the Site such as viruses, omissions, service interruptions and software breakdown, also to the detriment of the user's machinery, which stop or delay the services if these are due to external causes, force majeure and/or third parties not dependant to the owner's will. OLIOTECA will be responsible just for any eventual deformities noticed in the Drop Shipping, while in no case of Indirect Shipping won't be responsible, the only one responsible will be the partner. As follows, the user is informed that in such situations will have to complain only with the partner. Anyway OLIOTECA and/or the Partner won't be considered responsible in any case for delays or deformities depending on events out of their control such as, for example: (i) events due to force majeure; (ii) events dependant on third parties like interruption or malfunctioning of the communication services and/or electrical lines, i.e. acts or omissions by the shippers.


Always considering the limitation to the use of the particularities of the Partners, OLIOTECA is the owner of every right related to the graphic and conceptual content of the site, as well as the particularities. So reproduction, also partial, of the content and the graphic of the site, as also the particularities is forbidden. OLIOTECA moreover is responsible for the site managing technologic platform.


Personal data are gathered and used in order to satisfy the requests of the user. OLIOTECA guarantees its users to operate in complete respect of the rule of the peronal data, ruled by privacy code D.Lgs. n. 196/2003. Privacy note has to be considered consistant part of the General Conditions and can be viewed in the Privacy section of the Site or clicking the link: www.olioteca.com/it/privacy. The owner of the data handling is MFF Marche Fauna Factory. Any other eventual complaint will have to be turned to: MFF Marche Fauna Factory Via Agraria, 37 60035 JESI (AN) info@olioteca.com. At the moment of registration the user might be asked to give his agreement to the reception of market data, also by newsletter. In this case the user will be free to give or not to give his agreement.


For a correct operation, Cookies are necessary. Cookies are used to retreive information about terminals, operative system, IP address and the used browser, in order to give the user a better surfing experience. Generally they are statistics data, which don't have substancial. It's possible deny the use of cookies by activating the disactivating option.


The Site may have links, in the shape of hyperlinks or banners, to external and third parties websites. OLIOTECA does not control those sites and is not responsible about accuracy, nature, quality and completeness of the information contained in the sites. The content of these site does not represent products, services or information related to OLIOTECA.


The following terms are completely ruled by the italian law. The judge coming from the same place of residence or domicile as the user, if he's considered customer according to the law, will solve any controversies regarding interpretation, implementation and/or termination of the contract between the user and OLIOTECA, in case of Drop Shipping, or between the user and the Partner in case of Indirect Shipping. If the user is a freelance instead, in case of Drop Shipping the Court of Ancona will professionalise, while in case of Indirect Shipping the Court of the partner's place of domicile will professionalise.