Olioteca project

Olioteca is the "house" of oil. Or, rather, of extra virgin olive oil. According to Aldo Gabrielli's Italian dictionary, Olioteca is "the shop where high quality delicatessen oils are sold". Olioteca.com/Oliveoil.farm is the on-line shop of the L'Olinda olive press where customers can find niche products which are the expression of the perfumes and tastes of a land (Vallesina), famous for the production of oil and wine (il Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi e il Lacrima di Morro d’Alba).
San Marcello Ancona, where there are L'Olinda olive groves and olive press, is called the city of oil. It's one of the midlands in which the cold winds of the north mix with the warm winds of the south creating the best conditions for olive tree plantations. 

In these lovely hills (among the most beautiful all over Europe) the AFM Azienda Faunistica Marche planted new olive groves (biologic plantation) opting for the plants that have been abandoned over the years in place of of the more common and widespread cultivars which grant continous production and high profits. Marche Region is a unique reality in the national scenario because of its union among territory. nature, traditions, culture and civilization of its inabitants. In this fertile and luxuriant land the olive tree is an integral part of the landscape and extra virgin oil is one of the most requested products. Back in 1200AD an oil fee of 25 pounds was paid by Marche Sailors who sailed on the river Po . Also Venetians, masters in trade, held in high esteem the "Olio della Marca" sold at a high price beacause of its particular taste and perfume.

AFM Azienda Faunistica Marche and L'Olinda Olive press repropose perfumes and tastes in its oil by planting those olive trees wich the Marche Region togheter with Assam (Marche Agroindustrial Sector Service Factory) are researching and experimenting in order to relaunch into the productive plan. In the last decade AFM has been planting on its own property, over 26 hectars between San Marcello e Jesi. The groves produce specific varietes of olives such as Mignola, Rosciola dei Colli Esini, Raggia, Carboncella, Coroncina, Orbetana, Sargano e Sarganella, Piantone di Mogliano, ecc... tipical of the Marche Region.  The aim is to offer a one-of-a-kind selection of mono-variety oils.

Olioteca.com is the showcase and the meeting point with the estiamators of these niche products. MFF and L'Olinda Oil Mill are directly in charge the whole productive process, from the pland to the bottle. Factory oil mill has been mad at the center of the San Marcello oil grove to manage directly also the delicate and decisive trasformation phase. The olives, implanted according to the biologic procedural guideline, are harvested by hand and trasformed in three hours. The oil is kept in a constant temperature ari-conditioned environment, in stainless steel boxes, under nitrogen (i.e. in total abscence of oxygen).

With the brand "Il Contadino" MFF sells the biologic blend, while with the brand "L'Olinda" proposes its mono-varieties (Mignola, Raggia, Rosciola dei Colli Esini e Leccino). MFF has also a third brand – “Che Olio!” – with which sells the oil produced with the olives of the "in convertion" lands, i.e. the newest olive groves biologically cultivated since less than three years. The comunitary rules includes, for the agricultural factory that chooses a biologic production, a "convertion" phase of three years. In this temporary phase the certifying company verifies the cultivation to be in progress according to biologic rules, but the product can be sold as "biologic" only after the third year.

Olioteca.com is thus the meeting point between tradition and innovation, the telematic showcase to find out and share parfumes anda tastes of the land of the oil. The profiles of the different oils describe the olfactory and gustatory features and show the best use to guide the customer towards the most satisfying choice, in the right quality-price relationship.

Olioteca.com also wants to promote oil culture telling youthe story of the products and trying to guide you with info, advices and proposals in a knowledge path essential to make conscious choices.