How long does extra virgin olive oil last?

As the saying goes: "New oil and aged wine". Meaning that unlike wine (the older it gets the better it gets), oils gives its best when it's "young". As a rule extra virgin olive oil should be consumed whitin 20 months from being pressed. According to the law extra virgin olive oil must be consumed within 18 months from its bottling date. So a good rule is to consume extra virgin olive oil in the same production year. The method of preservation is important to the duration of quality. The first deterioration in quality is due to contact with the air (oxidation) anda althoug the nutrients remain intact, the oil loses its fruity taste and perfume.

An extra virgin olive oil, kept in steel tanks, in an unchanging temperature 57/64'F, and possibly without oxygen, can keep its features for far more than 20 months. Phenolic compounds and tocopherols, i.e. natural antioxidant substances, protect it from going rancid. As time passes their effect decreases and the oil deteriorates.

Oil should always be stored in a cool dry place and kept away from direct light, air and heat.