Oil is wellness

Extra virgin olive oil it's not just food, but a basic element for our health and wellness. Scientific studies explained that people who use extra virgin olive oil get less heart attacks and cadiovascular diseases. It's not a case that Mediterranean diet (which has extra virgin olive oil as basic element, together with pasta, fish, white meat, fruit and vegetables) in 2010 has been named by Unesco humanity immaterial cultural endowment. A good extra virgin olive oil (excellent for taste and digestibility, rich of vegetable fats very useful to the body) is healthy because:

It's against cholesterol - Reduces surplus not making the bad one (Ldl), but helping the good one. Thus grants arteries health and cleans it from eventual ateriosclerosis plaques.

It's against aging - Thanks to the presence of tochopherols (vtamine E) and poliphenols has an important role in the antioxidant activity and anti-radical, limiting cellular aging.

Helps growth - The abundance of unsaturated fats grants a more balanced growth of the kids, helping the cellular tissue to assimilate essential. It's good also for the boys because a growing organism needs an addition in the daily energy and calorie supply.

Regulates intestine - Eases leaver activity, regulates intestinal activity, reduces ulcer risks, has a laxative use and contributes to correct chronic constipation. It also has a protective effect against gallstone formation.

It's digestible – It's scientifically proved that it's the only one 100% digestible, against 85% of sunflower seeds oil, 81% of peanut oil and 36% of corn oil. Unlike the other fats (animal ones) extra virgin olive oil is the most digestible one.

It's against inflammations – It's one of the last discoveries of the medical research. Extra virgin olive oil has a natural compound, unknown until now (oleocanthal) which has the same anti-inflammation effects as not used anymore not steroidal painkillers. This substance, assimilated regularly, within a long time can even prove anticancer.